3-betting Light – PPP #50

A real milestone episode: the 50th Postflop Poker Podcast. And it’s a Christmas Episode too!

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This episode features a mystery guest that some of our early listeners will fondly remember (or not). Our new patron Damian sent in a question on playing postflop after 3-betting and the stratchat (27:12) goes into a cash game hand that was also sent in by Damian.

Hand: 2c/5c Cash Game played on ACR

Hero is in BB, with the effective stack of $3.91 or ~80 BB (covered by the rest of table)

Villain is on BTN, stack $5.28, 105 BB.


Hero dealt Qd-Qc.

Folds to Villain who raises 3x to $0.15.

SB folds, Hero 3-bets to $0.45, Villain calls.

Pre-flop Pot $0.92

Villain Hud Stats: VPIP: 19/16; fold to 3Bet 80%; 4bet 29%; and this is over a sample of 119 Hands

*** FLOP ***

[Ac 5s Tc]

Hero checks
Villain bets $0.55
Hero calls

Pot $2.02

*** TURN ***

[Ac 5s Tc] 8c

Hero checks
Villain bets $1.50
Hero calls $1.50

Pot $5.02

*** RIVER ***

[Ac 5s Tc 8c] Kc

Hero checks
Villain bets all-in $2.78
Hero calls for remaining stack $1.41

Villain shows Jc-9c for flush

Hero has Qc for a better flush

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