My Junk is Sunk – PPP #66

This week we up the P’s with a Postflop Poker Podcast Particularly Prickly Problem Poser, sent in by one of our listeners, John Kent. How to deal with junk hands from the Small Blind facing good pot odds?

The stratchat hand for this week (at 22:21) sees a triple barrel bluff leading to an all-in on the river.

Other news this week: Ben releases the fifth Volume of his book series next week Friday the 17th. And we have an exciting new level on the Patreon Page: our new reward offers an opportunity to come on the show! Check out our Patreon page for more info.

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Live Virgins – PPP #65

This week’s poser is on Flopzilla, a terrific piece of poker software. But how to use it?

We then do another Poser for all you live virgins out there. What to do if you’re going to play your first ever live MTT?

The stratchat hand starts at 26:15 and is from a live poker tournament.

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You’ve been Timed – PPP #64

It’s time to discuss timed tournaments! What are the strategy implications of timed tournaments and how do you best play them? You’ll find out in this episode.

In our stratchat hand (28:26) we discuss playing suited connectors in shallow stack situations. Also, Ben announces the release of his new book Vol 3 of Your Poker Mastermind.

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To Show or Not – PPP #63

Showing your bluffs or not? That’s the question!

We tackle this question in the show and our strat chat hand (15:55) sees Hero holding top pair top kicker on a dangerous monotone flop. Ben is clueless on how to best play it. What would you do in this hand?

Ben’s latest book Your Poker Mastermind Vol 2 is released now and it is on Planning & Bankroll. You can buy it at the postfloppoker site, or you can just e-mail Ben and ask for a free copy!

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GTO vs Exploitative Play – PPP #62

This episode, we discuss one of the more complex poser questions. What are the differences between GTO and exploitative play and which should you choose as your strategy?

Ben announches the launch of his new book Your Poker Mastermind Vol 1: General FAQs. You can get this book for free: listen to the Podcast to find out how!

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Open Limping – Hand Review

Open limping is pretty controversial. Some say you should never, ever do it.

But are there any spots where open limping actually makes you the most money?

In this video I’ll go over the pros and cons of open limping. We’ll also look at a hand that starts with an open limp, sent in by one of our Patrons. Also like to win a hand history review? Sign up to our Patreon page at

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Limping With Reason – PPP #61

The Poser Question of this week is on open limping. Should you do it? Should you not? What are the reasons for open limping?

The strat chat hand (33:25) starts with an open limp as well and was sent in by our gold patron Brannen Hough. Get ready for some serious limping in this episode with special guest Ben Reason!

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