Hand History Review $1.50 9-man SNG

The video below is a hand history review for one of my subscribers. It’s a $1.50 9-man non-turbo SNG played on ACR.

Hand history reviews are a great way to improve your game.

You can see which plays and strategies are good and which things you should do differently. Use this to improve your knowledge of poker and to fix any potential leaks you may have in your game!

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Card Dead – PPP #44

Aussie poker pro Jesse “OntheMac” McKenzie joins us for this week’s episode of the Postflop Poker Podcast!

We’re discussing an interesting “PPP Poser” question, sent in by Jonathan Breslin (12:30). He wants to know what you should do if you’re completely card dead in a tournament. How to deal with that, should you adapt your play, and are there any mental tricks you can use to keep yourself from getting frustrated? How can you prevent yourself from overplaying the first halfway decent hand, which suddenly looks like a monster?

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Cash v Tourney Preflop Ranges – PPP #43

Special guest on today’s episode of the Podcast is James “Splitsuit” Sweeney!

He talks about the release of his latest book he co-authored with Ben, the Poker Workbook Tournament Final Tables. There’s also a special giveaway for Podcast listeners so make sure to check that out (1h 15m)!

This week we discuss the following question from one of our listeners: “Which preflop ranges are wider, cash or tourney?“. This question sparked quite a bit of debate among the team, especially because James is more of a cash game player, while Ben and myself are tournament players.

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Note taking- PPP #42

Another eventful episode!

The mobility scooter incident from last episode is finally solved, Ben announces the release of his new book, and Merv is a bit sad because online poker will soon be no more in Australia.

The Postflop Poker Poser of this week is on note taking (11:18) and the hand analysis is on a hand from the new workbook (27:45).

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To Barrel or not to Barrel – PPP #41

It’s one of those spots that comes around quite frequently when you’re playing poker.

You raise with a marginal hand, miss on an Ace-high or King-high board and your opponent calls your c-bet. Should you start barreling now, trying to take the pot down or is it better to shut down and not invest anymore chips?

That’s the theme of this week’s podcast and we have a nice hand where I get caught double barrel bluffing with King-high.

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Poker Tells with Zachary Elwood – PPP #40

This week we have Zachary Elwood on the show, author of three bestselling books on poker tells. It won’t come as a surprise that this episode is on, well, poker tells!

Zach shares some very interesting tips with us on how you can use tells to your advantage at the table. And how to defend yourself against giving off tells to your opponents.

The strat chat (33:00) focuses on a hand between Blumstein and Pollak from the final table of this year’s WSOP Main Event. Pollak lays down a straight on the river and probably got a verbal tell off of Blumstein that helped him in his decision.

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Painless Poker: 5 Top Tips to Improve Your Game by Eliminating Poker Pain

When looking to improve, most of us are mainly focused on the technical aspects of the game. How much to raise pre-flop, when to c-bet, the Expected Value of a semi-bluff, etc.

Whereas we should definitely study these aspects closely, there is another dimension to poker that is often underestimated and neglected. I’m talking about the mental side of poker.

Tommy Angelo’s latest book Painless Poker gives a great insight into how you can improve your mental game by eradicating the “pain” in poker. He explains how to stop experiencing “thought pain” and tilt, so that you can instead focus your mind entirely on what poker should be all about: coming up with the best possible decisions at the table.

Painless poker = A focused mind = Better decisions = More poker profit

A simple formula, but oh so hard to attain.

In this blog post I’ll give you some top tips on how to achieve painless poker and increase your profitability. But first, let’s take a look at what poker pain is and what kind of effects it has.

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