Building Ranges ft Andrew Brokos – PPP #48

On this episode we talk about range building with special guest Andrew “foucault82” Brokos.

Andrew has been a poker coach for over 10 years, he’s one of the pros on Tournament Poker Edge where he’s done over 200 training videos, as well as being a coach over on Red Chip Poker, with SplitSuit & our own Ben Hayles. He co-hosts the successful Thinking Poker Podcast.

The strat-chat hand (28:30) is a hand sent in from Radu. If you want your hand discussed on the podcast, get in touch with us!

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Playing Your First Major Live MTT – PPP #47

What is your strategy when you qualified for your first major live MTT event through a satellite? Your opponents will likely perceive you as a recreational, fishy type of player: how do you respond to that? The team offer some advice on how to deal with this situation.

The stratchat (17:02) goes into an interesting micro stakes cash game hand that a listener sent in. This hand finds hero in a tough spot with A-9o out of position.

Other noteworthy moments in this episode: Merv gets a Dutch lesson, Ben needs to be quarantined, and Mike recalls a painful memory: “You broke my will, but what a thrill, Goodness gracious great balls of fire!”

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Time Management and Poker Improvement – PPP #46

It’s time for a special Halloween episode!

The stratchat (30:08) features a great hand between Trickett and Mercier, with Mercier holding the Halloween Haunted Aces. The team also announce our new Patreon page where we give away some cool rewards if you support the show!

The Postflop Poser of this week is on time management (11:05): how can you still improve in poker when you don’t have much spare time?

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Player Profiling with Limited Data – PPP #45

Ben, Merv, and Mike are back for another episode of the Postflop Poker Podcast!

The Poser Question of this week is about profiling opponents when you have fewer than 50 hands of data on them. We give some tips on how you can profile unknowns, both live and online.

Also, this week we have 2 hands to discuss in the strat chat (22:50 and 46:30), so get ready for an extra long episode!

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Hand History Review $1.50 9-man SNG

The video below is a hand history review for one of my subscribers. It’s a $1.50 9-man non-turbo SNG played on ACR.

Hand history reviews are a great way to improve your game.

You can see which plays and strategies are good and which things you should do differently. Use this to improve your knowledge of poker and to fix any potential leaks you may have in your game!

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Card Dead – PPP #44

Aussie poker pro Jesse “OntheMac” McKenzie joins us for this week’s episode of the Postflop Poker Podcast!

We’re discussing an interesting “PPP Poser” question, sent in by Jonathan Breslin (12:30). He wants to know what you should do if you’re completely card dead in a tournament. How to deal with that, should you adapt your play, and are there any mental tricks you can use to keep yourself from getting frustrated? How can you prevent yourself from overplaying the first halfway decent hand, which suddenly looks like a monster?

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Cash v Tourney Preflop Ranges – PPP #43

Special guest on today’s episode of the Podcast is James “Splitsuit” Sweeney!

He talks about the release of his latest book he co-authored with Ben, the Poker Workbook Tournament Final Tables. There’s also a special giveaway for Podcast listeners so make sure to check that out (1h 15m)!

This week we discuss the following question from one of our listeners: “Which preflop ranges are wider, cash or tourney?“. This question sparked quite a bit of debate among the team, especially because James is more of a cash game player, while Ben and myself are tournament players.

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