Value Betting – PPP#34

We’ve entered a new phase in the Postflop Poker Podcast! The episodes connected to the book Postflop are over and we’re changing to a new format.

We’re kicking things off nicely with a guest on the show: Steven Bell from Australia/Singapore! The theme of today’s episode is value betting, mainly on the river.

Do you have any feedback, or a question that you would like answered on the Podcast in the new PPP Poser segment? Let us know in the comments or reach out on Twitter!

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Weak Draws – PPP#33

In Episode 33 of the Postflop Poker Podcast, we’ve reached the final chapter of the book! It’s the end of an era. But we’re looking forward to future episodes in a completely new format!

This show we’re discussing weak draws. In terms of value we don’t have much, so we’re usually not going to win big pots with these hands. In our stratchat, we do cover a couple of examples where you can choose to take your hand to the river and play aggressively.

Obviously our weak draw does give us some equity going forward. And this hand can present great opportunities for semi-bluffing!

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Medium Draws – PPP#32

In episode 32 of the Postflop Poker Podcast, we’re continuing our discussion of playing drawing hands.

This time it’s all about medium draws of between 8 and 13 outs.

To celebrate that we’re nearing 50,000 downloads in over 100 countries, we’re also doing a giveaway for our listeners. More details in the Podcast!

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Playing Strong Draws (14+ Outs) – PPP#31

Merv leads the team through this new Podcast episode from his own personal menagerie at the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia!

The theme of today’s episode is playing strong draws (14+ outs). With this many outs, your hand has a lot of equity, which means you can definitely play your hand fast and strong. Playing it slow, however, also has its advantages against certain types of opponents and in specific situations. The hands we discuss today demonstrate some of the different lines you could be taking.

Plenty of stuff to talk about in this new episode of the Postflop Poker Podcast!

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2017 Aussie Millions Special Podcast Episode – PPP#30

We’ve got a very special Podcast episode lined up for you today!

Shurane Vijayaram, the winner of the 2017 Aussie Millions, joins us on the Podcast to talk about his incredible win in this big tournament.

Shurane won his seat into the Aussie Millions Main Event by playing a $130 satellite. And then he turned that $130 into a AUD$1.6 million first prize! Not a bad ROI I’d say.

We’re talking about his strategy and how he prepared for the tournament. He also talks us through two mind-blowing hands that he played on the final table. A must-listen for any aspiring tournament player!

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High Card with 1 or no Overcards – PPP#29

We’re continuing our journey through the postflop universe with another exciting episode of the Postflop Poker Podcast!

Today’s theme is a high card with 1 or no overcards, and we got some interesting hands lined up for you, including a live hand played between Vicky Coren and Raul Mestre.

There’s also some more discussion on the potential grim future for online poker in Australia, but you can still sign a petition to try and stop the new bill coming into effect!

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