Playing Bottom Two Pair – PPP#17

The Postflop Poker Podcast is back with another episode! From now on, I will be joining the Podcast as a regular co-host and of course I’m very excited about that. This is the first poker podcast devoted entirely to the subject of post-flop play. And that always makes for interesting strategy discussions.

Each episode we discuss a specific post-flop situation and this time it’s how to play bottom two pair. A strong hand, but it can be tricky on dangerous boards and when facing a lot of action. In this episode, we discuss two hands where both me and Ben lost a big pot with bottom two pair. Follow along by listening to the show and replaying the hands below!

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Sit and Go KO Hyper Turbo – Hand Review

PokerStars recently introduced a new format: KO Poker SNGs and Tournaments.

These are very fast, action packed hyper turbo SNGs and MTTs with a flat payout structure. A large part of your buy-in goes to the knockout bounties. Each time you knock a player out during the game, you earn a bounty.

In the video below I do a hand review of a 36 player KO SNG and answer the question whether these games are worth playing!


$11 Sunday Mini Kickoff: MTT Hand Review

This weekend, I had a deep run in the $11 Sunday Mini Kickoff tournament on Pokerstars. The tournament had a big field with 8,800 players and after 5 hours of play I finished 459th, cashing for $30.

In the video below, I go over some of the most important hands that I played in the tournament. I played pretty well in this tournament, but also made some crucial mistakes!

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Getting Maximum Value with Garbage Hands

With a garbage hand like 7-2o of 3-2o, the equity of your hand is so low that you're usually not going to win the pot at showdown.

If you have a medium to deep stack, you will often go in check-fold mode when you pick up these sorts of hands in the blinds. However, if you're under pressure to accumulate chips, you can consider using your bluffing equity to still make the most of these trash hands.

In order to decide whether bluffing is going to be a profitable option, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider.

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Poker Rooms Tighten Third Party Software Restrictions: The End of HUDs?

In October 2015 PartyPoker issued further restrictions on the use of third party software such as HUDs, in a move to try and "level the playing field". PokerStars quickly followed suit and implemented tighter rules on the use of software as well, announcing further changes to be made in 2016.

These changes will shake up the world of online poker yet again. What will the effect of these changes be? Should online grinders be worried or will it bring new opportunities?

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Postflop Volume 2 – Book Review

Postflop Vol 2: The Edge You Need in No Limit Hold’em Poker by Ben Hayles is a great follow-on to Volume 1.

Just like Volume 1, this book excels in improving the reader's postflop abilities on the basis of a straightforward, analytical and structured approach.

Solid postflop skills are what distinguish a losing or break-even poker player from a player who consistently wins money. It's also the area that is the hardest to learn and master.

This book series greatly enhances your understanding of postflop play and strategy, and as such deserves a spot on the bookshelf of any serious poker player.

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