Building Ranges ft Andrew Brokos – PPP #48

On this episode we talk about range building with special guest Andrew “foucault82” Brokos.

Andrew has been a poker coach for over 10 years, he’s one of the pros on Tournament Poker Edge where he’s done over 200 training videos, as well as being a coach over on Red Chip Poker, with SplitSuit & our own Ben Hayles. He co-hosts the successful Thinking Poker Podcast.

The strat-chat hand (28:30) is a hand sent in from Radu. If you want your hand discussed on the podcast, get in touch with us!

Hand: Live MTT GUKPT Main Event

Blinds 200/400 Antes 50

Hero Stack 35k in MP1 is dealt T-T, LAG Villain Stack 28K on BU

Hero open raises to 1050

Villain 3-bets to 3100

Hero calls


2-8-J rainbow (Pot Size 7300)

Hero checks

Villain C-bets 2750

Hero check-raises to 7200

Villain Calls


7s (Pot Size 21700)

Hero Checks

Villain Shoves

Hero Folds

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