Calling the Clock – PPP #51

The first Podcast of 2018!

And what better way to kick it off than with a guest like Joel Williams, Tournament Director of the upcoming Aussie Millions.

This week’s Postflop Poker Podcast Poser is appropriately on live play and concerns calling the clock on another player. Is it wise to call the clock on someone when you’re not in the hand? And how does casino staff deal with the clock to make sure all players are protected?

The strat chat (29:16) focuses on a hand from the 2016 Aussie Millions where we see the infamous Phil Ivey make a huge river bet for almost twice the pot. Is it a bluff or value, and can his opponent find a call?

Hand – 2016 Aussie Millions $100K challenge

Blinds 700/1.4K – 169K effective stack


Phil Ivey – BTN – Raises to 3.2K
Fedor Holz folds his Small Blind
Dario Sammartino – BB with Js-9s calls


8-T-3 all hearts (Pot 8.3K )

Dario checks

Phil bets 4K

Dario check-raises to 13K

Phil calls


Turn 7 clubs (Pot 34.3K)

Dario bets 18K

Phil calls


River 7 spades (Pot 70.3K)

Dario (138K behind) checks

Phil shoves 135K

Dario uses his time-bank chip…

He calls

Pot 341K

Ivey shows T-T and wins with a full house

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