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Where’s Your Head At? – PPP #59

On this episode, we welcome poker mind coach Elliot Roe to talk about some of the mental aspects of poker.

Elliot has worked with hundreds of poker players (& UFC fighters!) on improving their mindset. His poker clients have over $40million in winnings, one of those being last year’s WSOP Main Event winner Scott Blumstein.

This week’s Postflop Poser is on how to deal with emotions at the poker table. The stratchat hand (43:14) features no other than Phil Hellmuth, who is about to have a meltdown.

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Liquidating Limpers – PPP #58

It’s a common sight in low stakes games: limp fests!

In this episode we tackle the question how to play when there are a lot of limpers at your table.

Our stratchat hand of the week (21:59) comes from Poker Night in America Season 4, featuring Sam Abernathy and Michael Laake. There is a straddle in play in this hand and we observe what effects this has on strategy.

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Fear of Busting – PPP #57

It’s one of the biggest obstacles for tournament players: fear of busting! How do you become that aggressive player that is always aiming to win the tournament and taking risks in the right spots?

The stratchat hand for this week comes from Andy Howie, where he holds a draw to the nut flush. Should he play passively to try and get there, or take more risk by betting and raising?

We also discuss the new CORE course over at Red Chip Poker. It’s the poker university you’ve been looking for and it’s available for just $5.

Get CORE for just $5

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The Patreons – PPP #56

This episode is dedicated to our Patreons.

We’ve got a Poser from Armin Voss on hand ranges (8:30) and a stratchat hand sent in by Grant Thomas (22:36) where hero calls down villain’s bets with second pair.

We also talk about a great new poker training course from Red Chip Poker called CORE. It’s the poker university you’ve been looking for and it’s available for just $5.

Get CORE for just $5

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Facing a Donk Bet – PPP #55

In this week’s episode we’re talking about what to do when facing a donk bet, in particular when you have two overcards to the board. Do you fold, call, or raise?

We also have a cash game hand where Hero finds himself with Top Pair Top Kicker. Should he barrel all streets, or slow down at some point?

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Stealing is Eating – PPP #54

Stealing is important in poker. Stealing is just like eating! But what do you do when you consistently get called down and none of your steals seem to work?

Peter “Carroters” Clarke, a 6-max cash game coach from Scotland, joins us to discuss this question.

He also has an exclusive discount code for listeners of our Podcast to get his new book “100 hands” at a steal!

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How to Avoid Loss Aversion Bias – PPP #53

The PPP is coming live from the Aussie Millions at the Melbourne Crown Casino! Special guest this episode is Landon Blackhall, Tournament Director for Deaf Poker Australia.

The Poser of this week is about loss aversion: how do you stay aggressive in tournaments and not worry too much about losing chips? We also discuss an interesting hand that was sent in by one of our listeners.

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