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Postflop Volume 2 – Book Review

Postflop Vol 2: The Edge You Need in No Limit Hold’em Poker by Ben Hayles is a great follow-on to Volume 1.

Just like Volume 1, this book excels in improving the reader's postflop abilities on the basis of a straightforward, analytical and structured approach.

Solid postflop skills are what distinguish a losing or break-even poker player from a player who consistently wins money. It's also the area that is the hardest to learn and master.

This book series greatly enhances your understanding of postflop play and strategy, and as such deserves a spot on the bookshelf of any serious poker player.

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Postflop Volume 1 – Book Review

Postflop play is arguably the most difficult aspect of poker. It is many times more complex than preflop play.

It is also the area of poker where you can make the biggest gains. If you improve your postflop play and decisions, you will gain a substantial edge on your opponents and you will be able to make complex decisions much more confidently.

Interestingly, there are very few poker books specifically on postflop strategy and none that present this subject in a complete and in-depth guide.

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