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Hand History Review $1.50 9-man SNG

The video below is a hand history review for one of my subscribers. It’s a $1.50 9-man non-turbo SNG played on ACR.

Hand history reviews are a great way to improve your game.

You can see which plays and strategies are good and which things you should do differently. Use this to improve your knowledge of poker and to fix any potential leaks you may have in your game!

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How to Crush the Low Stakes Hyper Turbos: A Complete Strategy Guide

Hyper turbos are immensely popular these days on the online poker sites. Almost everybody's playing them. There are even some poker pros who exclusively play hypers for a living.

There are a couple of reasons why they are so popular:

  • They are super fast: you can do a short session and still play a decent number of games
  • They are full of action and fun to play
  • They are very profitable
​There are quite a few differences with regular games though. You have to know the correct strategy in order to play these games profitably! The new third volume in the Crushing Low Stakes Poker series is a complete strategy guide on the hyper turbos. If you want to make money playing hypers, this is the book you need.
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Sit and Go KO Hyper Turbo – Hand Review

PokerStars recently introduced a new format: KO Poker SNGs and Tournaments.

These are very fast, action packed hyper turbo SNGs and MTTs with a flat payout structure. A large part of your buy-in goes to the knockout bounties. Each time you knock a player out during the game, you earn a bounty.

In the video below I do a hand review of a 36 player KO SNG and answer the question whether these games are worth playing!

Getting Maximum Value with Garbage Hands

With a garbage hand like 7-2o of 3-2o, the equity of your hand is so low that you're usually not going to win the pot at showdown.

If you have a medium to deep stack, you will often go in check-fold mode when you pick up these sorts of hands in the blinds. However, if you're under pressure to accumulate chips, you can consider using your bluffing equity to still make the most of these trash hands.

In order to decide whether bluffing is going to be a profitable option, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider.

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Blind vs Blind Play and Mixing It Up

Especially if you're a 6-max player, you have to play a lot of hands blind versus blind.

So it pays off to focus on the players to your immediate left and right and develop a good blind vs blind strategy against them.

Against one dimensional opponents, you can play a pretty static strategy to exploit their weaknesses. Against good opponents, however, you have to be more creative and mix things up.

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Value Betting on Dangerous Boards

If you hold a mediocre value hand on a dangerous board, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do.

In a lot of cases you have to balance value betting with exercising pot control. Especially if the board connects well with your opponent's range.

Your opponent's playing tendencies are an important consideration. Against passive opponents, value betting is usually your main priority. But against more aggressive opponents who are capable of (semi-)bluffing, your focus should often be on pot control.

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