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Open Limping – Hand Review

Open limping is pretty controversial. Some say you should never, ever do it.

But are there any spots where open limping actually makes you the most money?

In this video I’ll go over the pros and cons of open limping. We’ll also look at a hand that starts with an open limp, sent in by one of our Patrons. Also like to win a hand history review? Sign up to our Patreon page at

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Sit and Go KO Hyper Turbo – Hand Review

PokerStars recently introduced a new format: KO Poker SNGs and Tournaments.

These are very fast, action packed hyper turbo SNGs and MTTs with a flat payout structure. A large part of your buy-in goes to the knockout bounties. Each time you knock a player out during the game, you earn a bounty.

In the video below I do a hand review of a 36 player KO SNG and answer the question whether these games are worth playing!


Blind vs Blind Play and Mixing It Up

Especially if you're a 6-max player, you have to play a lot of hands blind versus blind.

So it pays off to focus on the players to your immediate left and right and develop a good blind vs blind strategy against them.

Against one dimensional opponents, you can play a pretty static strategy to exploit their weaknesses. Against good opponents, however, you have to be more creative and mix things up.

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Value Betting on Dangerous Boards

If you hold a mediocre value hand on a dangerous board, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do.

In a lot of cases you have to balance value betting with exercising pot control. Especially if the board connects well with your opponent's range.

Your opponent's playing tendencies are an important consideration. Against passive opponents, value betting is usually your main priority. But against more aggressive opponents who are capable of (semi-)bluffing, your focus should often be on pot control.

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Bluff Catching in Poker: How to Catch Your Opponent’s Bluffs

Bluff catching is a powerful move that can be very profitable if you know how and when to do it.

Bluff catching is particularly profitable in low stakes games where you'll find many loose-aggressive opponents with high bluffing frequencies.

Picking the right spots for bluff catching, however, is not easy. In this post, we'll take a look at the principles that can help you decide whether to call or fold when you think your opponent could be bluffing.

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