Fear of Busting – PPP #57

It’s one of the biggest obstacles for tournament players: fear of busting! How do you become that aggressive player that is always aiming to win the tournament and taking risks in the right spots?

The stratchat hand for this week comes from Andy Howie, where he holds a draw to the nut flush. Should he play passively to try and get there, or take more risk by betting and raising?

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Stratchat Hand: MTT, 9-handed, blinds at 75/150


Andy Howie, Hero, is in the HiJack with roughly 50BB’s (~7500) holding Ah-Kh

It folds around to Hero, who raises to 450.
Villain in CO calls, all others fold, heads-up to the flop.

Pot: 1125



Hero flops 2 overs and the flush draw

Hero bets 600 (~½ pot), Villain calls.

Pot: 2325


{8h-2h-4s} Qc

Hero checks, Villain bets 1,000, Hero folds

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