Fold Equity – PPP #60

Fold equity refers to the equity that you gain from your opponent folding. But how do you calculate it? That’s what the team discuss in this episode of the Postflop Poker Podcast. If you want to try your hands at calculating fold equity, there is a great tool you can use for that over at Red Chip Poker.

We also welcome a new patron, Brannen Hough. He is our first gold patron and gets a bunch of cool rewards. To become a patron yourself, check out Our stratchat hand (17:45) comes from our patron Grant Thomas, where he makes an interesting bluff on the river.

Hand: $100 Live Pub Tournament in Perth, Australia

Blinds are 100/200 Starting Stack 35,000 chips

It’s the first hand of the tournament & it folds to the hero on the button who opens to 800 with Kc-9c

Hero’s friend who is a TAG 3-bets from the small blind to 1700.

BB folds, Hero calls

Pot 3600



Villain: Check

Hero: Check


Ac (As-9d-4h)

Villain bets 2000

Hero calls

Pot 7600


8s (As-9d-4h-Ac)

SB checks

Hero bets 5100

Villain tanks for a good couple of minutes, calls and says your Ace is probably good. Hero laughs and mucks, as villain shows Q-Q.

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