Limping With Reason – PPP #61

The Poser Question of this week is on open limping. Should you do it? Should you not? What are the reasons for open limping?

The strat chat hand (33:25) starts with an open limp as well and was sent in by our gold patron Brannen Hough. Get ready for some serious limping in this episode with special guest Ben Reason!

Hand: $1/$2 Live Cash Game, 9-handed

The table has been playing very loose. Hero has been at the table for an hour, he still has his original starting stack of $200 (100 BB).


Hero is in the UTG position and decides to limp with AsQs

5 or 6 callers/limpers behind, after which BTN decides to raise it up to $16. BTN is a solid player with a big stack, around $600.

The blinds fold and Hero 3-bets to $48. All players fold, the button thinks about it for a little bit, asks what the raise was, and then calls.

Pot $109, Hero $150 behind.


A-J-2 rainbow.

Hero leads with a bet of $80 into a $109 pot

Button goes in the tank for a while and announces all in.

Hero calls

Villain shows a pair of Kings. Hero loses when a Jack hits the turn, and a King hits the river, giving villain a full house.

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