Liquidating Limpers – PPP #58

It’s a common sight in low stakes games: limp fests!

In this episode we tackle the question how to play when there are a lot of limpers at your table.

Our stratchat hand of the week (21:59) comes from Poker Night in America Season 4, featuring Sam Abernathy and Michael Laake. There is a straddle in play in this hand and we observe what effects this has on strategy.

Stratchat Hand: Live cash game, blinds at $25/$50, $100 straddle

Blinds 25/50 with Laake on a $ 100 straddle. A straddle is a blind raise, so pre-flop he will be last to act.


CO Abernathy (stack 8,950 or 179 BB is the effective stack) raises to 300 with 7c-6d
Dentale calls on button with Qh-Ts
Michael Laake in the straddle raises to 1,200 with Ac-Qs.

Sam calls the extra 900, Dentale folds

Pot 2,775



Laake bets 1,400, Sam calls

Pot 5,575


Jh (Qd Tc 6s)

Laake checks…
Sam goes all-in 6,350. Laake has her covered.

Laake calls

Pot $18K


3h (Jh Qd Tc 6s)

Michael wins with a pair of queens.

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