How to Avoid Loss Aversion Bias – PPP #53

The PPP is coming live from the Aussie Millions at the Melbourne Crown Casino! Special guest this episode is Landon Blackhall, Tournament Director for Deaf Poker Australia.

The Poser of this week is about loss aversion: how do you stay aggressive in tournaments and not worry too much about losing chips? We also discuss an interesting hand that was sent in by one of our listeners.

Live MTT Hand – Jens Neumeister

Effective Stack: ~50 BB

400/800, Ante 100


There are 4-limpers ahead of us. A mix of loose and tight players. Before, even raises to 10x pre had been called after there were limpers.

Hero SB 7c-7s – calls, BB checks

6 players see a flop and pot is 5800:



Hero (SB) bets 5500
BB raises to 11000, all the other players fold, hero calls

Pot is now 27800



Hero checks, BB checks behind


River: 10h

Hero bets 25000, Villain shoves, Hero calls

Villain shows….

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