Moving up Stakes with Nathan “blackrain79” Williams – PPP #49

The podcast is joined by one of the most well-known micro stakes grinders out there: Nathan “blackrain79” Williams.

Nathan is a top micro stakes player with more profit at the micros than anyone else. He tells more about his story in this episode. We also discuss a very interesting PPP Poser Question about moving up in stakes.

This week’s strat-chat hand is one of Merv’s hands that he played in a live MTT (43:20).

You can find out more about Nathan on his website or hit him up on Twitter @BlackRainPoker.

Hand: Live $25 MTT @ Merv’s Local Poker Club

Blinds: 200/400
Stacks roughly 100BB (40,000 chips)


Hero is UTG and limps, as does every player, BB checks (3200 in pot)



SB bets 1100 (tight passive player)
BB raises 2200
Hero calls
SB calls

9800 in pot



SB checks
BB bets 2200
Hero calls
SB calls

16400 pot



SB bets 6000
BB calls
Hero raises 16000
SB calls
BB folds

Listen to the show to find out what the hands were…

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