My Junk is Sunk – PPP #66

This week we up the P’s with a Postflop Poker Podcast Particularly Prickly Problem Poser, sent in by one of our listeners, John Kent. How to deal with junk hands from the Small Blind facing good pot odds?

The stratchat hand for this week (at 22:21) sees a triple barrel bluff leading to an all-in on the river.

Other news this week: Ben releases the fifth Volume of his book series next week Friday the 17th. And we have an exciting new level on the Patreon Page: our new reward offers an opportunity to come on the show! Check out our Patreon page for more info.

Hand: Live Cash Game, £1/2 Manchester Casino

200BB deep, Hero is on the big blind with 6h-7h.

Villain in Hi-Jack raises to £6, SB calls, Hero 3-bets to £20, Hi-Jack calls, SB folds

Pot £46

Flop 10d 4s 5h

Hero c-bets £25, Villain calls

Pot £96

Turn Jh (Td 4s 5h Jh)

Hero bets £100, Villain calls

Pot: £296

River Jd (Td4s5hJhJd)

Hero bets £255 and is all-in, Villain folds

Villain’s hand revealed in the Podcast.

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