Playing Your First Major Live MTT – PPP #47

What is your strategy when you qualified for your first major live MTT event through a satellite? Your opponents will likely perceive you as a recreational, fishy type of player: how do you respond to that? The team offer some advice on how to deal with this situation.

The stratchat (17:02) goes into an interesting micro stakes cash game hand that a listener sent in. This hand finds hero in a tough spot with A-9o out of position.

Other noteworthy moments in this episode: Merv gets a Dutch lesson, Ben needs to be quarantined, and Mike recalls a painful memory: “You broke my will, but what a thrill, Goodness gracious great balls of fire!”

Hand: 10NL 6-max Cash


Villain on BTN raises to $0.30 (no reads except is a reg), SB folds

Hero BB calls with Ac-9s

Pot $0.65



Hero checks, Villain bets $0.35, Hero check-raises $1.05, Villain calls

Pot $2.75


(5s-6s-8s) 4c

Hero bets $1.45, Villain calls

Pot $5.65


(5s-6s-8s-4c) 9c

Hero checks, Villain bets ½ pot (~$2.85), Hero tanks, calls, wins pot.

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