Study Time – PPP #52

It is finally there: the Aussie Millions!

Merv drove all the way down to Melbourne and joins us from the Crown Casino, ready to take in all the action at the Aussie Millions. Ben and Mike challenge him to a photo contest so keep an eye out for his Twitter updates #meetMerv #Mervsmaidens.

Despite some pain in his Netherlands, Mike is doing his best to answer another PPP Poser. And the hand in our strat chat section is – how could it be otherwise – one from the Aussie Millions 2016 featuring Jacon Mercier and Byron Kaverman (27:08).

Hand – 2016 Aussie Millions $100K challenge

Click here to see the video of this hand

Blinds 2K/4K/ antes


Jason Mercier – HJ – 300K – minraise to 8K, his cards are not known yet

Brian Rast CO fold

Byron Kaverman – BTN – 234K – call with K-K

Martin Jacobson – BB – 228K – call with Jc-8h

Pot 29K



Jacobson – Check

Mercier – C-bets 11.5K

Kaverman – Calls

Jacobson – Folds

Pot 52K


(6h-4c-5d) 5h

Mercier (280K behind) – Checks

Kaverman (215K) – Bets 15K

Mercier – Uses a Time-bank chip (there is a shot clock of 30 seconds, 2 x 60 second time-bank chips per day) – Raises 67.5K

Kaverman – Calls

Pot 187K


(6h-4c-5d-5h) Ac

Mercier (213K) – Bets All-in

Kaverman (147K) – Throws in his first Time-bank chip…then also uses his 2nd & last one… he folds…

Mercier shows Qd-7d

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