Value Betting – PPP#34

We’ve entered a new phase in the Postflop Poker Podcast! The episodes connected to the book Postflop are over and we’re changing to a new format.

We’re kicking things off nicely with a guest on the show: Steven Bell from Australia/Singapore! The theme of today’s episode is value betting, mainly on the river.

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Hand – Taken from Harrington on Holdem Volume 3

High stakes 9-man SNG single table
Average stack $1500
The table is tight
Blind level 1, $10/$20

Hero sits on Hijack with 9s-8s

Preflop action: all players fold to hero. Hero raises to $85, SB calls

Flop: Kh-5d-4s Pot $190
SB checks, Hero bets $100, SB calls

Turn: 8c, Pot $390
SB checks, Hero checks

River: 9h Pot $390
SB bets $200, Hero calls

SB shows 4-4 and wins with a set of fours

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