Where’s Your Head At? – PPP #59

On this episode, we welcome poker mind coach Elliot Roe to talk about some of the mental aspects of poker.

Elliot has worked with hundreds of poker players (& UFC fighters!) on improving their mindset. His poker clients have over $40million in winnings, one of those being last year’s WSOP Main Event winner Scott Blumstein.

This week’s Postflop Poser is on how to deal with emotions at the poker table. The stratchat hand (43:14) features no other than Phil Hellmuth, who is about to have a meltdown.

Stratchat Hand: From the NBC Headsup Championship 2005

Blinds are 600/1200


Hellmuth (BTN) limps 9-5o
Seed (BB) raises T-T to 3,700
Hellmuth calls

Pot $7,400



Seed checks
Hellmuth bets 2,000
Seed calls

Pot $11,400


9h (7d-Jc-7c)

Seed checks
Hellmuth bets 4,000

Seed calls

Pot $19,400


3s (9h 7d-Jc-7c)

Seed checks
Hellmuth bets 3,000
Seed calls & takes down the pot

Video – hand at 3:30

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