You’ve been Timed – PPP #64

It’s time to discuss timed tournaments! What are the strategy implications of timed tournaments and how do you best play them? You’ll find out in this episode.

In our stratchat hand (28:26) we discuss playing suited connectors in shallow stack situations. Also, Ben announces the release of his new book Vol 3 of Your Poker Mastermind.

Hand: Online MTT $88

MTT $88 Buy-in, 8-max (300/600 blinds, 70 ante)

SB: 18,746 (31.2 bb)

HERO (BB): 33,629 (56 bb)

UTG+2: 10,853 (18.1 bb)

MP1: 15,616 (26 bb)

MP2: 62,840 (104.7 bb)

MP3: 10,341 (17.2 bb)

CO: 4,363 (7.3 bb)

VILLAIN (BTN): 23,468 (39.1 bb)

Preflop: Villain is BTN with 5c 4c

5 folds, Villain raises to 1,255, SB folds, Paul 3-bets to 3,600, Villain calls 2,345

FLOP (8,060)

Js 6c 4h

Paul bets 4,030, Villain calls 4,030

TURN (16,120)


Paul bets 16,120, Villain calls 15,768 and is all-in

RIVER (47,656)


47,656 pot

Final Board: Js 6c 4h 8c 7c

BB Paul showed Tc Ac and lost (-23,468 net)

BTN Villain showed 5c 4c and won 47,656 (24,188 net)

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